China White Bai Mu Dan


(China) The name of this tea translates as White Peony. The traditional example of this tea comes from Fujian province in South East China, where the terroir (soil quality, elevation, climate, regional cultivars and processing techniques) ideally suits this leaf style. Classic Bai Mu Dan consists of the first two leaves of a new shoot and the bud which is covered in delicate downy hairs. The processing techniques are minimal and highly dependent on the weather conditions at time of manufacture. After harvest, the leaves are carefully brought back to sun-dry on patios or raised beds, or naturally dry on well-ventilated indoor withering tables. Sometimes the leaves are machine dried at very low temperatures to remove residual moisture. As with all naturally withered plant products (such as apples, or bananas) minimal unforced oxidation will occur. The best samples of this tea will strike a perfect balance between preservation of the freshly-plucked leaf character and slight natural oxidation – a key indicator of experienced tea making. Brewing: 3 grams leaf per 6 oz. water – 200°F , steep for 3 – 4 minutes. Astringency = smooth, Body = medium. Liquor: Pale, golden liquor, sweet grapey and honeysuckle flavors with a soft and well-rounded mouthfeel. A delicate and forgiving tea.

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