Bavarian Mint

Creamy mint and dark chocolatey swirls make a combination that rich, refreshing and smooth.

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Weight 1.00 kg
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1lb in valve bag (default option), 1lb in Zip Valve bag (Adds $.75/lb), 2lb in Valve bag (filled with 2lbs with 5% off price), 5lb in Valve bag (filled with 5lb with 10% off price), —————————————–, 12 Count Box Coffee Pods $15.49, 24 Count Bulk Coffee Pods $22.99, 48 Count Bulk Coffee Pods $37.99

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Grind #1 Turkish, Grind #4 Espresso, Grind #5.5 Fine, Grind #6 Refillable Pod, Grind #7 Drip, Grind #9 Perc/Press, Whole Bean

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Regular, Decaf (+$0.97), Hafcaf (50% decaf) (+$0.97), Pure (certified organically grown) (+$1.54), Pure SWP (Swiss Water Decaffeinated) (+$2.54)